Accelerating Women-led Businesses

Accelerate is a program that is targeted at women who are considering starting a small business as well as small business owners who want to learn the basics of digital, business and financial literacy skills. Accelerate provides practical instructions on starting and running a business that include activities, worksheets, self-assessments and additional resources to refer to along the way.

Aimed to address the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, the Accelerate curriculum includes live, instructor-led virtual training sessions, self-paced learning, engaging speaker series by industry leaders and an open hour session for additional support and networking. Supported by AT&T and Visa, the Accelerate program also offers mentorship opportunities for women-led businesses to deepen their knowledge and learning. Through these activities, we hope for women-led MSMEs to be better equipped with the business acumen to tackle challenges and remain competitive, particularly in a post-pandemic environment.

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